My name is Floyd... sometimes I make stuff and do things.

A life time resident of the north eastern quarter of Illinois, he has never strayed far from home.  Son of Sarah and Floyd III, he grew up in Antioch IL. a small-ish town near the border of Wisconsin.  Art has always been the dominant theme of Floyd’s life starting before speech was in his bag of skills.  Introduced to carpentry early in life, he began building forts and ramps with the handsaw, hammer and nails his parents permitted him to use. Remnants of these forts still litter the brush throughout his family’s property. His creativity was always encouraged by his parents which lead him to pursue an academic path heavy in art. In 1998 he left Antioch to attend the School of Art at Northern Illinois University.  Throughout his time in college he held summer jobs with construction companies as a laborer. Carpentry and Art were always present throughout his entire educational career. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from NIU, he moved back to Antioch and tried to figure out what the hell he was going to do with an art degree. 

A couple years after college he landed a job with a large clothing company as a Display Artist. He traveled all over the country designing and building displays for said clothing company. It seemed like he had found his place in the world, as an under paid minion of a corporate giant… but he was happy. (Until a couple of jerks made some empty promises that didn’t come to fruition… he packed his tools and his ego and set out for something better.) Floyd figured he could do the same thing on a smaller scale and use his art+carpentry approach to help improve the looks of smaller businesses and people’s homes. On the 29th of September 2008 he established Artpentry LLC. The main objective was to have a company to house his many different creative endeavors. On April Fools day of 2009 he signed a lease with Podmajersky Inc. to open a home base for his business in the Chicago Arts District, located at 1827 South Halsted. At Artpentry, he has a woodshop and  gallery space where he shows his Gentleman’s Boombox collection, paintings, prints, lumbeards,  hand printed t-shirts, and the work of many of his artistic friends. 

Shortly after opening the store front, the boutique design aspect of Artpentry presented and opportunity to design and build out a Tattoo shop in Chicago’s South Loop. After working on the project for almost a year he became a partner in the business itself : Code Of Conduct at 14 E. 11th street. Now days it’s likely you’ll find him with pockets full of sawdust and paint on his jeans, in a truck full of lumber rushing back and forth between the two stores with 12 projects going at once. Oh yeah… He’s a musician too..