Floyd A. Davis IV is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist based in Chicago. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, he founded the Artpentry brand to serve as an umbrella company and moniker for all of his creative endeavors. For the past seven years, he has been a staple of the Chicago Arts District, located in East Pilsen, where he lives and works out of his private studio with an attached storefront gallery showroom.

Defining himself as a multifaceted creative force, Davis applies a wide variety of skill sets acquired throughout his life experience, including construction methods taught by his father and aunt, digital design, set and prop design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, music production and more. Davis’ unique work has garnered local and international recognition while partnering with musicians, artists, brands, and non-profits. His collaborative client base ranges from local independent artists to established clients with multi national stature. Davis’ most notable work to date is his “Gentleman’s Boombox” series, an original concept creating functional stereo systems out of vintage luggage that has inspired replication around the world. Designed ultimately as a self-portrait, speaking to the contrast of two of his major influences, his love and involvement in hip-hop culture and the nostalgic influence of his maternal grandmother’s lifelong antique collecting. The pairing of the two inspirations acts as a visual and functional vessel to deliver the sonic aspect of his art, helping provide an aesthetic context for his work as a whole. With many public and personal projects underway, Davis continues to grow and strengthen his body of work and the Artpentry brand.